Many flat relate expenses we can claim for you.

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March 17, 2017
April 1, 2017
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Many flat relate expenses we can claim for you.

Thousands of people are unaware of their loss of euros  due to unclaimed home carers tax creditDo you know about the  home carers tax credit? 

Well if not your not alone and Its down to a lack of public awareness there are millions of euros that go unclaimed each and every year in Ireland. This is very one of the best Paye rebates .

 Many people simply believe its applied to carers who provide support and home care to elderly or disabled patients.

 This is not always the case. The Paye Tax credit is intended for people who work from home and care for one or more dependants, in a marriage or civil partnership.

Assessment for home carers tax credit

The married couple, or civil partners are jointly assessed for tax. The home carers tax credit can be applied when a spouse or civil partner works in the home, caring for one or more dependants. This includes a child or an elderly relative.

Part time work

The home carer can earn up to €7,200 within the year. They still qualify for the home carers tax credit so having a part time job does not immediately disqualify individuals from applying for this tax credit. A reduced tax credit is available for individuals who’s annual earnings are up to €9,400.

Tax rebates for those people

Most people don’t think they are entitled to a paye tax rebate but the truth is 8 out of 10 people are not claiming back all of their entitlements from Revenue. 

We are happy to provide a free tax NCT  to look into your unclaimed tax. 

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to start your rebate today  with  and see if you have money waiting for you. 

Our average return is €885 and its 

No Rebate = No Fee

  • We are the first in Ireland to make the business of Tax a paperless exercise with our patented “Digital signature Technology”
  •  We have an office in Mayo and are on Instant chat or phone. 1890 TAXMAN
  • We are also in the UK with an office in London specialising also in Tax rebates. 

If you have any questions we would be delighted to hear from you. Call, text or email, we don’t mind how you contact us.
We have tons of information on our websites and tons on social media. 

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